Describe the function of adhering junction?

Adherens junctions are protein complexes which occur at cell to cell junctions in epithelial and endothelial cells. They are thought to setve as a bridge connecting actin cytoskeleton of neighbouring cells by direct connections. They may also serve as a regulatory module to maintain an actin contractile ring around the cells.

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1. Adherens Junction

The Adherens junction performs multiple functions including initiation and stabilization of cell-cell adhesion, regulation of the actin cytoskeleton, intracellular signaling and transcriptional regulation. The core of the Adherens junction includes interactions among transmembrane glycoproteins of the classical cadherin superfamily, such as E-cadherin, and the catenin family members including p120-catenin, β-catenin, and α-catenin. Together, these proteins control the formation, maintenance and function of adherens junctions.

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