Describe the impact of globalisation on Indian agriculture.

Impacts of Globalisation On Indian agriculture.
  • Due to globalisation Indian farmers have been exposed to new Challenges .Indian agricultural products were unable to compete with the products of developed countries .
  • Indian cotton was exported to Britain as a raw material for fulfilling the need British textile industries
  • Land degradation was caused due to overuse of Chemicals ,in the green revolution.

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India was 1 of the large exporters of agricultural goods in the world .due to the impact of globalization  agricultural crisis formed in west the price of exports became lowered by the European govt.India agricultural goods is one of the main exports of Europe ,so the cultivators of India stop their working as they get low money  than earlier .this cause the depletion of indian agriculture during  that period .

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Indian farmers are now facing more challenges because of globalization. Many developed countries provide various subsidies to their farmers. India has reduced import duties on various items because it is one of the signatories of WTO. This has increased competition from international agricultural products.

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the main features of globalisation have been discussed earlier.its impact on agriculture is in following respects: Liberalisation:It freed indain agriculture from various tight goverment controls and transformed indian agriculture from subsistence to commercial farming
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