describe the  major parts of statistical table. draw a format of a table showing all these parts. ​

Statistical table is a table showing required data in a convenient form.It may show distribution of any parameter or can show probability distribution or frequency distribution,etc.It can show qualitative and quantitative attributes of the parameters and can tabulate data from different time periods.

The following are the parts of a statistical table:

1. Table No. It is to identify the table.

2.Title of the table,whether its showing GDP,literacy etc.

3.Column and Row headings

4.Body or Main content of the table.The main data regarding the parameter.

5.Unit of measure.Is the parameter measured in kms, kgs, Rs,etc.

Besides these a good statistical table can have a "source note" and a "footnote" describing from where the data has been taken or other information about the data.

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