describe the reactions of the people after the mandal commission.

The Mandal Commission was appointed  in 1979 to determine the socially and economically backward classes in India and find out ways for their improvement. It was finally implemented in 1990. 

The following were the reactions after the implementation of this commission:

1.People who did not belong to the backward classes raised their grievances. They felt the implementation of this commission as unfair on their part because they will be denied from jobs despite of having the needed qualification.
2. Some sections raised their voices because they felt that it would  give rise to caste feelings and hamper national unity.

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Mandal Comission recommended 27% reservation in government services for the Socially and Educationally Backward Classes (SEBCs).

There was a heated debate on this issue and it was finally taken to the Supreme Court. The case was known as 'Indira Sawhney and others vs Union of India case'.

In 1992 Supreme Court declared the Mandal order as valid but asked for some modifications.

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