Describe the reform which led India to green and white revolution???? Don't give links as I already checked meritnation but I am not able to find a satisfactory answer:

Collectivisation, consolidation of holdings, cooperation and abolition of zamindari, etc were given priority to bring about institutional reforms in the country after Independence. Land reform was the main focus of our First Five Year Plan. The right of inheritance had already lead to fragmentation of land holdings necessitating consolidation of holdings. The Government of India embarked upon introducing agricultural reforms to improve Indian agriculture in the 1960s and 1970s. The Green Revolution based on the use of package technology and the White Revolution (Operation Flood) were some of the strategies initiated to improve the lot of Indian agriculture.Provision for crop insurance against drought, flood, cyclone, fire and disease, establishment of Grameen banks, cooperative societies and banks for providing loan facilities to the farmers at lower rates of interest were some important steps in this direction. Kissan Credit Card (KCC), Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (PAIS) are some other schemes introduced by the Government of India for the benefit of the farmers.

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Agriculture is considered to be the backbone of India with two-third of population being dependent on it. Since agriculture provides livelihood to more than 60% of its population  certain technical and institutional reforms have been introduced which have brought the following benefits to the farmers:

a. In realising the importance of agriculture government introduced number of Land Reforms which was the main focus of first five year plans like abolition of zamindari,. Such reforms have prevented the exploitation of farmers in the hands of the zamindars and most importantly have recognised right to the actual tiller. 
b. Likewise, collectivisation of land, cooperation have helped small farmers to enhance their production.
 c. Likewise in 1960’s and 70’s government focused on green revolution green revolution which involved use of HYV of seeds , pesticides, fertilzers  which  helped in increasing food production
d. Green revolution brought about increase in Food grain production  from 82.0 million tonnes to 201..6 million tonnes. States like Punjab, Haryana excessively benefited from it.The expansion in production made farmers approach market and sell surplus in the market.‚Äč
e. Creation of dams and various multi purpose projects have helped in meeting irrigation needs of the farmers.
f. Schemes like Kissan Credit Card or providing minimum support price, remunerative and procurement prices for important crops were also initiated by the government  which provided required financial assistance, cheap loans to the farmers triggered white and green revolution.
g. Policies like crop Insurance , establishment of grameen banks, cooperative societies have been providing loans to farmers at low interest rate.
h. In an effort to increase agriculture’s share to the national economy government has made concerted efforts to modernize it. Like, establishment of Indian council of Agricultural research, agricultural universities, horticulture development etc.
i. Agrarian help line services have also been introduced to provide assistance to farmers.


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