describe the social cultural and political life of the people of lilliput?

The social life of Lilliputians was full of all possible vices of mankind. These people were full of greed, hypocrisy, selfishness and moral corruption. They used all possible ways to use each other.

They had strong cultural values which they accepted without any second thoughts in their minds. Their children were not raised by their parents but they were raised by the kingdom. Parents were not at all responsible for raising their children. They also did not live with their children.

They buried the dead with their heads pointing directly downwards because they believed that eventually the dead will rise again and that the Earth, which they think is flat, will turn upside down.
The political life of the people of Lilliput was not good. The emperor was proud of his power and wanted to control all Lilliputians. A good example of this was the fact that although Gulliver had helped him quite a number of times, he tried to kill Gulliver. He did not hesitate to execute his subjects for small reasons and was a threat to his own people. He abused power to its utmost.


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