Describe the steps taken to conserve the flora and fauna of the country ? (5 marks)

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1.The indian wildlife protection act implemented in 1972.

2.Control on deforestation.

3.Implementing afforestation programmes.

4.By giving legal support to the animals.

5.Ban on hunting,poaching and deforestation

6.Awareness programmes must be conducted.

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Our government is now paying attension towards the environment and is taking several steps to conserve our environment .Government has make some laws regarding this this issue.Government is organising several programe of aforesteration.Government had banded the haunting of animals.

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wildlife protection act was enacted in 1972

setting up of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and bird sanctuaries

implementation of laws banning use of animal products and hunting of animals

special programs like project tiger, project rhino have been brought

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