Describe the structure of RNA polynucleotide chain having four different types of nucleotides.

RNA is a single stranded nucleic acid. It is a Polymer of ribonucleotides and contains Uracil (U) instead of Thymine. The four nitrogenous bases present in RNA chain are– adenine, guanine, cytosine and uracil.

  • Nucleoside = Nitrogenous base + Pentose sugar (linked through N − glycosidic bond)

  • Nucleotide = Nucleoside + Phosphate group (linked through phosphodiester bond)

  • Many nucleotides link together through 3′ − 5′ phosphodiester bond to form polynucleotide chain of RNA.

  • In course of formation of polynucleotide chain, a phosphate moiety remains free at 5′ end of ribose sugar (5′ end of polymer chain) and one -OH group remains free at 3′ end of ribose (3′ end of polymer chain).


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RNA is single stranded. Four bases are A,G,C AND U. Sugar is ribose sugar. There is free -OH group present at 2'- position.

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