Describe the value of freedom for the human beings and how it is important for the growth of civilisation and humanism as described in the lesson 'Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to


Freedom is the ultimate aspiration of all human beings. It is essential for the holistic development of our personality.  Without development of an individual's personality, the progress of a civilization is not possible. Individuals are drivers of social change. Humanism and peace requires an environment of non exploitation and equality. No one should have a right of usurping someone's freedom . The value of freedom is best ascertained by a man who is denied freedom. A person who is chained with the limits and not allowed to perform his duties freely, values freedom more than anyone else. For instance, the value of freedom is better known to Mandela as he remained behind the bars most of his life. He was denied access to basic human rights. He faced the ignominy of being discriminated due to his race and colour. Think about a bird or animal who is caged. They want to live freely. They feel lifeless in a cage. Life becomes a hell if we are deprived of freedom. There is no growth of civilisation as its growth is possible only when one is free. Similarly, humanism also grows in the atmosphere of freedom. 

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