difference between cell wall and cell membrane???

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Cell wall  Cell membrane
The cell wall is an additional protective, rigid structure present outside the cell membrane.The cell membrane is porous in nature and helps in the inward and outward movement of substances.
It is present only in plant cellsPresent in both animal and plant cells
Plant cell wall is composed of cellulose.Cell membrane is composed of a lipid bilayer, with a polar head towards the outer side, and hydrophobic tails towards the inner side.
Plants cells do not move from one place to another and hence they require rigidity which is provided by the cell wall.The cell membrane is the outer boundary of the cell, which separates one cell from the other. It also separates the contents of the cell from its surrounding medium.

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1.Cell wall is found in plant cell and cell membrane is found in animal cells.
2.Cell membrane is covered by the cell wall which forms the outer most covering.
3.Cell wall is completely permeable whereas cell membrane is semi-permeable.
4.Cell wall is made up of cellulose and cell membrane is made up of lipids and proteins.
5.Cell membrane is also known as plasma  membrane.

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and also cell membrane protects cytoplasm whereas, cell wall protects cell membrane

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 The cell wall is the outside lining of the cell that helps hold the cell together. The cell membrane is inside the cell membrane and has the quality of being semi-permeable so it can allow various substances to go in and out of the cell. A great example of a very simple cell everyone is familiar with is an egg, one of the largest cells. The shell is the cell wall and the thin lining we sometimes peel off the shell is the cell membrane. The white of the egg (clear runny part) is the cytoplasm and the yolk or yellow part is the nucleus. Plants have both a cell wall and a cell membrane. Animal cells usually do not have a cell wall.

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