migration- it is the movement of animals from one place to another to escape harsh weather. for eg. birds like arctic tern migrate.

hibernation- animals such as frogs go on a long sleep under the ground to escape harsh weather, This is called hibernation.

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  Migration means movement of animals from one place to another to escape from harsh climatic conditions. eg: artic tern  blue whale etc.....

 Hibernation means the winter sleep of some animals. eg: doormouse,polar bear etc.......














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Migration is movement from one place to another. Birds migrate to warmer climates when winter comes. 
Migration is when animals travel to another place to escape weather conditions.Migration is to travel to other locations as the seasons require.
Hibernation is to go to sleep for the winter.Hibernation is sleeping or becoming dormant in the winter. Bears hibernate in the winter, they don't move to anther location but hibernate in the area where they have lived.

Hibernation is when the body of an animal begins to slow down so it goes into a state of sleep when the body is still living but the body itself is asleep.
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