Difference between phellogen and phelloderm

. Phellem or cork is a tissue formed on the outer side of phellogen or cork cambium.

2. It is composed of dead cells.


3. Phellem is protective in function.

4. The cell walls become impermeable due to suberisation.

5. Phellem cells are filled with tannins.

6. The cells are compactly arranged except for the presence of lenticels.


7. Phellogen is more active on the side of phellem, i.e., more phellem is formed as compared to phelloderm.

8. The outer part of the phellem is peeled off at intervals.

Difference # Phelloderm:

1. Phelloderm or secondary cortex is produced on the inner side of phellogen.

2. Phelloderm is made of living cells.

3. Its cells take part in storage of food.

4. Suberisation is absent.

5. Tannins are absent.

6. The cells enclose small intercellular spaces.

7. Phellogen is less active on the side of phelloderm, i.e., less phelloderm is formed as compared to phellem.


8. There is no loss of phelloderm.

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