Difference between sewage and sewerage?

Sewage is the wastewater produced by homes, offices, schools etc. Sewerage is the combination of big and small pipes which carry sewage.
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Sewage is the wastewater released by homes, office, industries, hospitals and other users. It also includes rainwater that has run down the streets. The water that washes off the rooftops and roads also contains impurities. Sewage is actually a liquid waste that has many suspended impurities in it, which are known as contaminants.

Sewerage is the network of big and small pipes that carry sewage from the point it is produced to the point of disposal, i.e. the treatment plant.
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Sewage is a complex mixture containing suspended solids, organic and inorganic impurities, nutrients, disease causing bacteria and other microbes.

Sewerage is an underground network of interconnected pipes called sewers or carry the sewerage from the place where it is produces to the sewerage treatment plant where it is processed.
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