difference between uniform and non-uniform electric fields.... plzz if possible draw diagrams too..!

A uniform electric field is one whose magnitude and direction is same at all points in space and it will exert same force of a charge regardless of the position of charge in space. It is represented by parallel and evenly spaced lines. For example we find uniform electric field between parallel plates of a capacitor. The equipotential surfaces(dotted lines) drawn normal to the field lines are also equidistance from each other.

A non uniform electric field is one which is not uniform, i.e. it has either different magnitudes or different directions or both different in a given region of space.

For example the field due to a point charge, shown by radial lines. It depends inversely as square of distance from the point charge . The equipotential surfaces are also at unequal distances (closely spaced near the charge and farther separating as we move away from the charge)

Field due to a dipole is also non uniform.

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parallel field lines with equal distance between two successive field lines shows uniform electric field where as any random arrangement of electric field lines other than the one mentioned above will show non uniform electric field.

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