Differentiate between indigenous breed, exotic breed cross breed of animals.What are theadvantages of exotic breed indigenous breed of cattle?

Indigenous breed Exotic breed Cross breed
These are local breeds of cattle These are foreign breeds of cattle When Indigenous and exotic breeds are crossed to produce animals of desired qualities, they are called cross bred. 
Indigenous breed of cows are characterised by their hump and throat skin These two physical features are absent in exotic breeds Cross breeds are characterised by the presence of desired traits from both the parents
Immunity of animals of this breed are high These animals poor in  resistance to many infections and other common diseases of cattle in comparison to indigenous breed These have high disease resistance
Milk yielding capacity is less than exotic breed   Cows of exotic breeds have high milk yielding capacity. Milk yielding capacity is also very high in cross breeds.
Example-Gir, shahiwal, Red Sindhi Example-jersey, Holstein Friesian Example Cross bred Jersey

Advantage of Indigenous Breed-  
  • These can reproduce more times than some exotic breeds.
  • Disease resistance is high in desi breeds.
  • Since these are native to this place, they are well adapted to Indian environment.

Advantage of Exotic breed- 
  • High growth rate
  • High milk yielding capacity


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