Differentiate between Mendelian disorders & chromosomal disorders. Give two examples of each.

 Mendelian disorders occur due to muatation or alteration of the genes

they are either dominant or recessive and the trait may be linkes to the s** chromosome or an autosome

eg. haemophilia is s** linked whie phenylketoneuria and sickle cell anemia are autosomal linked recessive traits


Chromosomal disorders occur due to excess, abscence, or abnormal arrangement of chromosomes

a person having an extra or less chromosome is affected there is no such thing such as recessive and dominant because in this case  it is the chromosome that is affected while in mendelian disorders it is the genes..

eg. down syndrome, klienfelters syndrome, in both cases the individual has 47 chromosomes and turners syndrome the individual has 45 chromosomes

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In chromosomal disorders, the number of chromosomes matters. In Mendelian disorders, the chromosomes are mutated, and the disorder depends on extent of mutation and the chromosome it affects(sex chromosome or autosome)
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Some of the major difference between chromosomal and mendelian disorders are as follows:

Chromosomal Disorders:

1. The disorders are caused by chromosomal abnormalities

2. Chromosomal abnormalities develop due to defective synapsis and disjunction.

3. The defect can be known through amniocentesis.

4. The disorder is rarely transmitted.

Mendelian Disorders:

1. The disorders are caused by allelic abnormalities.

2. Allelic abnormalities develop due to mutations.

3. The defect can be predicted through pedigree analysis.

4. The disorder is transmitted to the progeny.
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