differentiate between plant cells & animal cells with the help of a well labelled diagram....

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The difference between the plant and animal cells are:
The cell wall is absent. Cellulose is also absent. Cell wall present and has cellulose in the plant cell wall
Cytoplasm is dense and has more granular structure Cytoplasm is less dense and is pushed more towards the periphery.
Vacuoles are absent and if they are present then they will be in very small size Large central vacuoles are found which may be one or more in number.
Plastids are absent. Plastids are present.
The centrosome is present and has two centrioles. The centrosome is absent.
They have the large central nucleus. Due to the large central vacuole, the nucleus is shifted to the periphery.
Reserve food is in the form of the glycogen. Reserve food is in the form of the starch.


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