Differentiate between regeneration and reproduction

Regeneration is a  type of asexual reproduction. It is of two types, in the first type, a part of the body that gets broken off or cut is regenerated. For example, lizards cast off their tails to escape predators and then regenerate them. The other type of regeneration involve the capacity to give rise to an entire organism from a cut part. It is seen in small invertebrates such as planaria and Hydra.

Reproduction is the process by which new offsprings are produced from their parents. It is of two types asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction. In asexual reproduction, a new individual is produced from a single parent and in sexual reproduction two parents are involved and offspring receives some characters from father and some characters from mother.  Reproduction is necessary for the continuation of species and survival of organisms from generation to generation. 

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 regeneration is an asexual mode of reproduction in which offspring rises from the lost or damaged tissues.

reproduction is the process by which offsprings are obtained from parent/parents

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