differentite between centriole and cilia structure

Centriole :- 1) Has 9 peripheral Triplets

                     2) Core is called Hub

                     3)  Has 1 microtubule at center.

                     4) 2 microtubules r linked by Bridges


Cilia :- 1) Has 9 peripheral Doublets

             2) Core is called Axoneme

             3)  Has 2 micro tubules at center

             4) 2 Microtubules are linked by linkers.



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The primary purpose of cilia in mammalian cells is to move fluid, mucous, or cells over their surface. Cilia and flagella have the same internal structure. The major difference is in their length. Cilia and flagella move because of the interactions of a set of microtubules inside.
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