Diffraction defines the limit of ray optics.give explanations?       - 3 marks

In ray optics, we are studying rays of light. Now diffraction of light is the phenomenon of bending of light around the corners of an obstacle or aperture in the path of light. On account of this bending, light penetrates into geometrical shadow of the obstacle. Light thus deviates from its linear path.

Diffraction effects limit the ability for an optical detector to optically resolve separate light sources. In general, light that is passing through an aperture will experience diffraction and the best images that can be created appear as a central spot with surrounding bright rings, separated by dark nulls; this pattern is known as an Airy pattern.



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Diffraction cannot be explained if light is considered to be a ray. It can be explained well only if light is considered as a wave, thereby suggesting that light can be a wave too...

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