discuss annes relationship with her mother as revealed by her diary entries answers fast pls

Anne's relationship with her mother was of a complex and complicated nature. The complexities arise from the difference in disposition and temperament between the two and the complications stem from these complexities. Anne felt that she did not fit in with them, she saw her mother as being very sentimental and putting up a picture of a family that got along well together without taking into account individual feelings which might be different than the one she imposed upon them. She felt removed from her mother,there was a gap in understanding between the two. She did not get along with her mother and felt alienated from her, their fractious relationship notwithstanding, Anne's mother would fiercely defend her daughter if anybody raised a finger against her.Sometimes Anne couldn't stand her mother because she thought that her mother was not interested in what went on in her  daughter's mind and Anne felt that she knew her girlfriends better than her mother. Anne believed that her mother,in spite of being well-educated, did not know much about the world and did not care to either. Anne was an independent spirit and could function in life without her mother's support. We can look at it this way that her mother somewhat knew about this and in order to retain the parent child relationship,she treated Ann like a child because its hard for a parent to come to terms with a child who doesn't need a parent to live life,who is capable of taking care of herself without being nurtured by her parents. But every child needs their parent no matter how strong and capable they are,so her mother did not understand that and continued to follow the parents' template of behaviour. Fact of the matter is,every child is different and there are no rules when it comes to bringing up a child. So there seems to have been a gap in communication from both sides and this led to a difference understanding between mother and daughter. However,as Anne grows up,she forgives her mother for her failures and decides to be more considerate towards her.

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