discuss the circumstances that led to the fainting fits of mrs.umney

Mrs. Umney represents traditionalist notions as opposed to the modern American Otis family. She has all the common prejudices that people associate with anything supernatural. Mrs. Umney's character is contradictory to that of the Otis family. Hence, when Washington Otis promptly removed the "three-hundred year" old blood stain with his "Pinkerton's Champion Stain Remover and Paragon Detergent" Mrs. Umney was shocked and frightened. Moreover, there was an ominous thunderclap at the very same moment. However, the lightening an thunder could have been entirely coincidental, since the weather had suddenly changed from being sultry to rainy. Nevertheless, to Mrs. Umney the thunder and lightening were omens that something terrible was going to befall, on the inhabitants of Canterville Chase. Such prejudiced notions resulted in Mrs. Umney fainting. Mrs. Umney's fainting and the subsequent conversation between Mr. an Mrs. Otis, also provides the reader with an insight into the notions that Wilde had, regarding the old British custom of employing a housekeeper. The "ever fainting housekeeper" is a common trope used by authors to ridicule British feudalism. 

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