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.            Journal of Yash Ltd.
Date Particulars L.f Dr Cr
  Bank A/c.     Dr.   15000000  
      To debenture Application A/c     15000000
  Being the application money on 5,00,000 debentures @ 30 per share received)      
  Debenture Application A/c.           Dr.   15000000  
      To 8% debentures A/c     15000000
  (Being the debenture Application money transferred to debentures Account)      
  Debentures Allotment A/c.(5,00,000 × 64)            Dr.   32000000  
  Discount on issue on debentures A/c.(6 × 5,00,000)    Dr.   3000000  
        Loss on issues of debentures A/c.   Dr.   25,00,000  
      To 8% debentures A/c(5,00,000 × 70)     35000000
     To premium on redemption of debentures A/c(5,00,000 × 5)     25,00,000
  Security premium reserve  A/c.    Dr.   40,000  
  Statement of profit and loss A/c.  Dr.   54,60,000  
    To discount/loss on issue of debentures A/c     55,00,000
  (Being the discount on issue of Debentures writen off)      

note: security premium reserve is a capital reserve. When capital reserve is not sufficient to write off the full discount/loss on issue of debentures. Then remaining amount is written off against statement of profit and loss account.

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