Do ques. 12

Do ques. 12 Write briefly about how you coped with a difficult situation and streu at point of time. You may mention the people or the things that provvded you and support. Extension

Dear Student.
Such question are for enhancing your creative skills and should be attempted by the student himself. But here are some pointers to help you out in framing your answer:
  • It was last year that I got a chance to complete a trek. It was a difficult one. I had my brother and my two cousins with me. We knew this was a difficult one but we never knew what was going to happen.
  • We reached our base camp and till then our phones were working fine. We called our parents and talked to them because the trek was of 8 days and there was no network up there. They gave us there blessings and we set off. First four days were fine but soon the weather deteriorated. We got caught up in a snow storm and there was no way down. 
  • The snow blinded one of us and my younger cousin started showing signs of ALS. We were losing our hopes and the storm didn't show signs of stopping either. We started remembering our parents words and everything we were trying to talk to each other so that none of us would feel dizzy. Anyway, those 30 hours of storm were the worst. Surprisingly we completed our trek in time. If it wasn't for all of us I don't know where I might be.
We hope that these points help you. Feel free to ask us in case you feel any difficulty in framing your answer.

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