Do the words 'furniture,water' have 'furnitures & waters' as plurals.If any of these plurals give a meaning,then write it.

-'Furniture' is a collective noun and does not have a plural form, instead we say' many pieces of furniture'.

- 'Waters' is a term used to refer to vast expanse of sea or ocean water; for example: 'There are different rules for vessels to follow in international waters'.

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No, The w
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No, The word Furniture and Water do not have plurals but they are already in their plural forms.

hope this was helpful
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furnitures doesn't have a meaning, and waters have a meaning , i can't explain its meaning but write a sentence.

The river waters dried up
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NO .
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Dear Student,
The words
  1. Furniture
  2. Water
Do not have their plural as 'Furnitures and Waters' respectively. They are already in their plural form. You can add words like some, many, a few, a little etc. before them to express an unknown amount.

Hope that helps!
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