Do you justify mr frank's encouraging taplow to imitate mr crocker harris ? Discuss with reference to the context .

Dear student.

It is difficult to say if Frank encouraged Taplow's comments. It is possible that he just wanted to have an insight of what students think of his colleague. It is not always the way it appears on the exterior. Frank was a teacher as well, we must not forget it. However, what appeared from reading the dialogue of the two, Frank was much friendly with his students and thus students opened up to him quiet easily. We are told in the beginning that he is a young teacher, which might be a reason for him being so affectionate to his students. Age factor plays a role here. Generally it is observed that the more a teacher grows old, the more mature and reserved he/she gets. However, there are exceptional cases as well.

However, when Taplow imitated Harris, Frank did point out that the kid got carried away mocking his teacher. There it can be seen that he is not a teacher who will appreciate sarcasms on a fellow teacher. However, he understands the psychology of a student better and so is humble towards them. Like he did not like the fact that a student had to wait for long to know if he was removed, till the last day of the term. Why shall one wait so long to know his fate? Probably when he would be much older, he too will be reserved and more disciplined. However, it is possible that he stays the way he is and even he becomes a senior teacher he remains favourite of all the students.

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