Do you think planning can work in a changing environment?

No, planning may not work right in a changing environment. Business environment is dynamic in nature and changes continuously. For example, political conditions, social conditions, consumer tastes and preferences, government rules and regulations change continuously. Planning cannot foresee such changes and may prove futile. That is, due to uncertainty of future, planning may remain ineffective. For example, suppose a garment manufacturing company plans to increase the production of silk shirts. But over a period of time, the market demand shifts towards cotton shirts. Thus, in this case the previous plans of the company fail and it must modify its plans to cater to the change in demand. Similarly, if the government announces a reduction in the interest rates for consumer durables, the demand for such products increases. The plans of an organisation may not foresee such changes and may prove ineffective. The production and sales plan of the organisation must change as per the changing market demand. Likewise, with an entry of a competitor in the market a company needs to alter the previous plans so as to face the competition in a better manner. 

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