does one road seemed to be more appealing than the other? use examples from the poem to suppot this

Our lives are determined by the choices we make even though sometimes it feels like we have lost control over what is happening to us. However, that is not the case. We are always making choices, consciously or unconsciously so, and these choices build up to make a life. At several points in our life, we will be faced with the matter of making a choice and that is usually akin to be caught between a rock and a hard place. One is often faced with making a choice between different paths of study or challenging decisions regarding where to go on from a certain point in life, the fear of not knowing how it will turn out is what makes us apprehensive of making a choice. At that point, it is crucial to remember that nothing is right or wrong, if we are confident about what we want to do or what we don't want to do, either which way, we should make the choice. The actual road is symbolic of the roads that we take in life and this is what the poet is driving at. He wants us to understand that life is like a journey on one particular road and we must simply keep moving ahead.

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