Draw a line segment of length 12.8 cm. Using compasses; divide it into four equal parts. Verify by actual measurement.

(1) Draw a line segmentof 12.8 cm.

(2) Draw a circle, while taking point X as centre and radius more than half of XY.

(3) With same radius and taking centre as Y, again draw arcs to cut the circle at A and B. Join AB which intersectsat M.

(4) Taking X and Y as centres, draw two circles with radius more than half of.

(5) With same radius and taking M as centre, draw arcs to intersect these circles at P, Q and R, S.

(6) Join PQ and RS. These are intersectingat T and U.

(7) Now, . These are 4 equal parts of.

By measuring these line segments with the help of ruler, we will find that each is of 3.2 cm.

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