Draw the n-Hexane structure with carbon 1? 2?

Draw the n-Hexane structure with carbon 1? 2? „.3-Dimethyl-4-( Ipropyi)heptanc xptain the following reaction with suitable example—6 alogeationof alkane drocarbons are classi fied. ow alkanes are classified. Give ekamples of each of them. or:f.xplain the types of carbon atoms in an alkane molecule with suitable example. 12. Draw the following structure and classify each carbon as 10, 20, 30 or 40. (c) N cohexane (d) 2 a -Dimethyl (b) 2-Methylpentune (a) n-Hexane the different types of isomerism observed in organic compounds? 'JkWfififfts conformation'? Discuss the conformation or ethane. IS. Draw the structure of n-Butane by using staggered and eclipsed conformation, 16. What happen when alkyl halide is heated with Zn-Cu couple and alcohol? 17. How will you prepare ethane and propane from ethene and propene respectivel) 18. Explain the Sabatier and Sanderson reaction. 19.How will you prepare ethane by using decarboxylation of-carboxylic acid? ill yowprepårc nilroethane from ethane. Name the reaction. 20. Ho O•BGydrogenation Cracking in the following reaction with the suitable example. (i) Ai•omatizatiå lat is conformation'? Discuss the conformation of ethane. 4.¯Explain the 10110t,ving reactions with suitable Wurtz Reaction 25. Explain the following reactions with suitable example. (i) Preparation of alkanes from alkyl halide by using Zn-Cu copuple and ale (ii) Preparation of alkanes by decarboxylation of carboxylic acid

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