Einstein was called a visionary and world citizen.Justify this statement

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Einstin discovery impacted the whole world by un scititng new discoveries about the universe. His theory of relatively and his perspective of seeing the universe and his dedicated work to ward to his would peace,his scientific geo-political contribution to the world made him a citizen
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The world remembers Einstein as a visionary and world citizen because,towards the later part of his life , he strived for peace and well being of entire world not just his own country.He was no longer solely a scientific genius but a visionary as well,who felt that solution to enimity between countries was a world government.His theory of relativity (e=mc^2) was a bless to science, this is why he is observed as a visionary and world citizen.
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Einstein was called a visionary and a world citizen because when America developed the atomic bomb in secret and dropped it on the Japanese cities: Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, then Einstein was deeply shaken by extent of the destruction. Due to this reason he wrote a public missive in which he proposed the idea for world government.
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Einstein’s concern for the society came at the very beginning when Berlin was successful in creating nuclear fission. He wrote a letter to the American President Franklin about the consequences if a bomb is dropped in a port. But America did not pay much heed to his words and dropped a bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This had deeply shaken Einstein. His prediction for the future came true when American dropped its nuclear weapon in Japan. He wrote a public missive and proposed the formation of world government. In the later years, he popularised campaigns for peace and democracy in the world. He involved himself more in politics agitating for an end to the arms build- up. Henceforth, he was a visionary, viewing the result of the future and a world citizen as he proposed for peace and democracy.
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