Elaborate on the ideological beliefs of the Liberals, the Radicals and the Conservatives. (5 marks)

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In the nineteenth century, there were some political changes which mark the beginning of change. In this French Revolution came into picture which dramatically changed the social structure. People start debating over French Revolution Structure in parts of Asia as well.

Liberals: They believed in a system which accepted all religions and not concentrates on a single religion. They were against dynasty rulers as well. They asked for one vote per property but did not include women in the same.
Radicals: They wanted a nation where the government should be elected by a majority of the population and some of them wanted women to participate in the same.
Conservatives: They were not ready for changes and wanted to discard the idea of changes. At one point they agreed to the upcoming changes but they wanted that at the same time the past should be respected.
In short-Radicals were a group of people who wanted a nation in which the government was based on majority of country's population. Conservatives: They were a group of people who opposed the radicals and the liberals and believed that the past had to be respected and a change had to be brought through a slow process.Conservatives believed that established, traditional institutions of state and society-the Church, social hierarchies, property and family-should be preserved.The belief that abolition of feudalism and serfdom, replacing it with a modern army, an efficient bureaucracy and a strong economy could strengthen the autocratic monarchies of Europe.

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