English Essay  - What is the reward you want to get in your life

Essay on what do you want to achieve in your life :- People always talk about goals. They always think that everyone should have something to focus on in life and reach for it. Some call it passion, for some, it is a dream; but whatever it may be called I think in general this is our drive in life.

As an individual, I hold great feeling and passion to achieve greatness in my craft: greatness in my personal life, in my family relationship, in my?health, and in my dream. I just knew that this would be a long shot to chase greatness, maybe people would be laughing at this side but I always work hard on my dreams that I wanted to achieve. But I define greatness in my personal life in a way that I can exceed myself day from today. The person I am before may have a basic knowledge but sooner or later I will become intermediate, and then an expert of that field of learning because I may not hold an extraordinary talent but I trust that when I give it all, my patience, my time and my strength I might just understand one day that I am already doing better compared to the yesterday version of me.

In chasing the greatness for my relationship in my family, I am focusing on being little better in each day, though conflicts and problems will always be there, I will always challenge myself on be kinder and on be more loving towards my family members. On the road of being great in my health as well in my dream, I would like to have a good, enjoyed and happy long life if given a chance to live that long enough. I would like to be someone or something for my family, or maybe I am not really sure yet on which or what I wanted to be but definitely I am coming to be that person. I like to achieve my health a good and balanced lifestyle.I mean, I might not have bodies like those in the televisions or magazine but enough to keep me away from sickness and be contented enough with being a simple person.

Aside from chasing the greatness in my life, I would like to achieve peace and happiness. While it is some may think this is overrated or vague, I think this idea to achieve is something worth chasing for. A lot of people can be monetarily or financially stable but are they really happy? Could be yes, but definitely some are not and so for me I want to achieve a position in life that I may not be able to buy ticket planes to many countries or places, but enough to something to provide for my family needs that I may not have luxurious house and cars, but instead I have a loving and caring family. I am a just firm believer of the best things in life are the simplest and so, I?d like to achieve a state of being enough and contented.

Additionally, what I really aim for is being the best version of myself. This doesn?t mean that I am not myself, but doing my best to be my best reflection is a quest that I have long been seeking. Through being myself I could invest more efforts in what I am working on. As I have many goals to be achieved, I see that they can never be achieved in an optimal fashion unless I am truly myself, self-confident, and self-assured.

Body-mind?harmony is also another equally important goal that I am working on realizing. Being aware of the power that body-mind connection can produce, I decided to work on enhancing my eating habits, practicing sport, and taking care of my mental and psychological behavior so that I maintain my balance and become more productive. Yoga is a relaxing sport that I would like to adopt it as a way of life. I am a firm believer that through a focused and keen mind as well as a healthy body, achievements become countless. Self-improvement and personal development are at the heart of my life plans.

I could proudly admit that although I am working on improving myself and my performance, I am not an ego-centric person who does not care about the other. I am in favor of help and support whenever possible. I would invest money and effort to help those in need. The other could be a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a colleague, or a classmate. Thus, giving them a hand is something valuable and moral. Being there for those we care about is ubiquitous, as for me. I do not expect anything in return, as I do not see the help I would offer as a favor. Instead, I perceive it as a moral obligation that I am committed to.

Lastly, I would like to achieve many things in life from traveling here and there, make a visit on different places and know different cultures and people, as well have been able to learn many things from academics to life skills. But in general, I would like to achieve the contentment in life where I may not achieve all of my dreams but rest assured that I lived a fulfilling life that one day I might be able to tell good and bad experience to my friends, families and other people who can inspire them to never settle for less but enough to learn how to be happy on what they have.
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