essay on the proverb '' where there is will , there is way '' among 150 - 200 words

Where there is a will, there is a way is an old saying in English which teaches us about the most important topic of getting success in life. Making a nice goal becomes our motto however achieving a goal needs strong will and dedication. People without having will power never achieve the success and they curse their fate. This common saying simply means that if the person is determined enough to get something completed, he/she always find a way to do that.

Determination is necessary to get completion in the task as it helps person to fight with all difficulties and get success. Without determination and will power we generally tend to give up very easily in the starting as we become hopeless from small difficulties. To learn or achieve something in life, will power acts as a catalyst and enhances the speed of action. It needs a hard and continuous practice to deeply learn things. We can pass the exam by reading the lessons just a night before the exam however we cannot top in the class, district or state without hard work for the whole year. So, it is good to have determination even to the smallest tasks in life and never give up easily.

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