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siddammamaya , asked a question
Subject: Math , asked on 17/8/12

Essays on Scenario Of World If Maths Is Removed

Param Sukhadia , added an answer, on 23/9/12
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 To write the essay on "   SCENARIO OF THE WORLD IF MATHS IS REMOVED"  you can take the help of the following:


According to teachers for as long as any can remember, one cannot survive in this world without mathematics, yet thousands in the United States alone cannot grasp mathematics, cannot learn mathematics because of "Dyscalculia" (also called Dyscalcula). Dyscalculia is a term meaning "specific learning disability in mathematics." People who suffer with a poor memory for all things mathematical have many other symptoms and characteristics. Taken as a whole, these coexisting conditions comprise what is termed as "the dyscalculia syndrome."
Dyscalculia is an MLD (mathematics learning disability) that affects approximately ten percent of the US population, yet almost no one (shy of those diagnosed with the MLD) knows that it even exists. People who suffer from Dyscalculia have severe anxiety attacks, as well as short term memory loss associated with mathematics, numbers, rules, and retention. Other symptoms of Dyscalculia range from normal or accelerated language acquisition, poetic ability, good visual memory for the printed word, difficulty with the abstract concepts of time and direction, inability to keep track of time, and may be chronically late.
The diagnosis of such a MLD is a simple test that ranges from a few hours to as long as a day. It is, however, difficult to recognize because it appears similar to math anxiety, lack of studying, and just simple mistakes. Doctors believe that there are thousands in the world who have Dyscalculia, but go undiagnosed. The test is also very expensive, costing too much for the average person or college student to pay for (ranging from five hundred dollars into the thousand or so range)...
As is typical in dyscalculia syndrome, students are usually gifted in most other academic areas. They may be in Honors classes, achieve excellent grades, and be tenacious learners. Math, however, confounds them, because it defies their learning history..

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Kr Bhoomika , added an answer, on 25/10/12
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thank u

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Kanupriya , added an answer, on 23/10/12

@ Bhoomika i like ur paragraph ..thank u i hope it will help me...

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Kr Bhoomika , added an answer, on 15/10/12
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A World without Math , Unimaginable !!

The world of numbers if gone , then life is nearly impossible .
We find numbers everywhere in our daily life. Math was life to many and it still
exists for some . Math is enjoyable , interesting and very much challenging .
Our thinking levels step into newer levels when dealing with Math .
The everyday use of arithmetic and the display of information by graphs is very essential in this age .
  • The mathematics of error-correcting codes is applied to CD players and to computers.
  • The stunning pictures of far away planets sent by Voyager II could not have had their crispness and quality without such mathematics.
  • Voyager 's journey to the planets could not have been calculated without the mathematics of differential equations.
  • Whenever it is said that advances are made with supercomputers, there has to be a mathematical theory which instructs the computer what is to be done, so allowing it to apply its capacity for speed and accuracy.
  • The development of computers was initiated in this country by mathematicians and logicians, who continue to make important contributions to the theory of computer science.
  • The next generation of software requires the latest methods from what is called category theory, a theory of mathematical structures which has given new perspectives on the foundations of mathematics and on logic.
  • The physical sciences (chemistry, physics, oceanography, astronomy) require mathematics for the development of their theories.
  • In ecology, mathematics is used when studying the laws of population change.
  • Statistics provides the theory and methodology for the analysis of wide varieties of data.
  • Statistics is also essential in medicine, for analysing data on the causes of illness and on the utility of new drugs. .
  • Travel by aeroplane would not be possible without the mathematics of airflow and of control systems.
  • Body scanners are the expression of subtle mathematics, discovered in the 19th century, which makes it possible to construct an image of the inside of an object from information on a number of single X-ray views of it. Thus mathematics is often involved in matters of life and death.

These applications have often developed from the study of general ideas for their own sake:numbers, symmetry, area and volume, rate of change, shape, dimension, randomnessand many others. Mathematics makes an especial contribution to the study of these ideas, namely the methods of

  • precise definitions;
  • careful and rigorous argument; representation of ideas by many methods, including symbols and formulae, pictures and graphics;
  • means of calculation;
  • and the obtaining of precise solutions to clearly stated problems, or clear statements of the limits of knowledge.

These features allow mathematics to provide a solid foundation to many aspects of daily life, and to give a comprehension of the complexities inherent in apparently quite simple situations.

Posted by kr bhoomika(student) 1 day, 12 hours ago
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Shweta , added an answer, on 20/8/12

Please the ans

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Manju Shakkari , added an answer, on 21/8/12


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