Evaluate which is better fabric- cotton or nylon, rayan or wool in terms of the following properties.
i. user-friendly ii. strength iii. thermal properties iv. environment friendly.

i) Cotton is more user friendly as it is softer and more absorbent.
Rayon is more user friendly than wool as it is lighter, cheaper, has bright sheen, is breathable and easy to maintain.

ii) Nylon is more strong than cotton.
Rayon is stronger than wool.

iii) Cotton and wool are more heat resistant than nylon or rayon. Nylon and rayon can catch fire easily.

iv) Nylon and cotton both are not environment friendly. Nylon is produced from petroleum product, releases toxic gases and is non biodegradable whereas cotton requires a large amount of energy, pesticides and water to produce it. Both are harmful to the nature. Still cotton is produced from a plant and if grown in the right manner can be called as eco-friendlier than nylon.
Rayon requires more energy to grow than wool. It requires a lot of toxic chemicals during processing such as caustic soda, ammonia, carbon disulphde  and sulphuric acid.


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