Every business enterprise has a certain responsibilities towards various stakeholders.Identify such four stakeholders and explain the responsibility of business towards such stake holders.
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The various stakeholders of company are- owners, investors, employees, consumers, government and community.

Responsibility of business towards Owners and Investors

i) Business should provide fair and regular dividend or interest to shareholder or investors.
ii) Business should offer opportunity to shareholders to participate in the policy decisions.
iii) Business should provide regular and adequate information about financial position of business.

Responsibility of business towards Employees

i) Business should provide fair wages to employees.
ii) Business should provide good working conditions to workers.
iii) Business should provide self development and education opportunities.

Responsibility of business towards Consumers

i) Business should provide good quality products and services at fair prices.
ii) Business should handle consumer complaints quickly.
iii) Business should ensure regular and adequate supply of products.

Responsibility of business towards Government

i) Business should pay taxes regularly.
ii) Business should avoid restrictive trade practices.
iii) Business should abide by all the applicable laws.

Responsibility of business towards Community

i) Business should provide employment opportunities to the members of society.
ii) Business should protect the environment from all types of pollution,
iii) Business should preserve social and cultural values.



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