Examine the role of religion in 18th century France, both in ideological and practical terms. How did ordinary French people view the Catholic church and its clergy?(France before 1789). Please please answer this question fastly!!!!

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Religion had a significant role to play in 18th century France. During that time the official religion of France was Catholicism. About 28 milliom of France's population were Catholics. The Church had its own administrative powers and it also imposed taxes known as tithes on the ordinary people of France. However, with the advent of the French Revolution the people began to realise that the Church was misusing its powers and hurling torture on the people in the name of tax. This slowly turned the ordinary people hostile towards the Church and its clergy.In 1792, when France became a republic, the powers of the Church were being taken away by the revolutionary government as it favoured the freedom of religion among people.

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