Examples for imperative sentence

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For example like : switch off the fan. Please give me a glass of water. Clean your room. Please be quite. Shut the door . Etc . hope it helps you!
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Same like 1st answer
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You already got the answer. Imperative sentence issue requests or orders, so the examples would be-
1. Give me a glass of cold water.
2. Please come in.
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please give me a glass of water.
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pass the salt.
be there at 5.
clean your room.
and many more.
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What is your name?
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1. What is an Imperative Sentence?

An?imperative sentence?gives requests, demands, or instructions; or, shares wishes or invitations for others. Basically, they tell someone what to do! As one of the four main?types of sentences, they have an important role in both speaking and writing.

Imperative Mood

All imperative sentences include verbs written in what is called an??imperative mood,??meaning they give commands. Some of the big ones that you use are ?don?t,? ?please,? ?go,? and so on. Imperatives tell someone what to do or not to do. Look at these two sentences:

Don?t?feed the dog.????????????Imperative verb ?don?t? expressing a commandHe?didn?t?feed the dog.??????Indicative verb ?didn?t,? reflecting a lack of action

Imperative verbs give commands, while indicative verbs ?indicate? (show) things that happened. So, you can?t use an indicative verb to tell someone what to do. Here are some more examples of verbs in the imperative mood:

Please?be quiet.Let?me help you.Go?away!Have?fun!Wait?for me!


4. Types of Imperative Sentences

As mentioned above, imperative sentences

relay instructionsrelay requestsrelay demandsshare invitationsshare wishes for someone.

a. Share a request or wish

There are several types of imperative sentences that each work in different ways. Here are some imperative sentences that share polite requests or?wishes?for someone:

Have fun at the fair tonight!Eat lots of popcorn!Have a safe trip!


b. Share an Invitation:

Here are some imperative sentences that extend an invitation to someone?(notice that they are not in the form of questions).

Come to the fair with me!Please join us for dinner.Let?s go to the fair together.


c. Share a request or command

Here are some imperative sentences that each share a?request?or?command?(notice that these are more firm requests).

Please don?t give the dog popcorn.Go find the dog at the fair.Eat your popcorn.Stop feeding the dog!


d. Give instructions

Imperative sentences that give?instructions?are very common, like driving directions or a recipe:

Preheat the oven.Roll out your cookie dough.Cut out the cookies with a cookie cutter and put them on a baking sheet.Put them in the oven for about 10 minutes.Take the cookies out when they are golden.Let them cool, and then eat them with milk.

As you can see, imperative sentences can relay all kinds of information.


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