Excretion of potassium is governed primarily by? a) Potassium reabsorption in Proximal convoluted tubule b) Potassium secretion in proximal convoluted tubule c) Potassium secretion in distal convoluted tubule d) Potassium reabsorption in distal convoluted tubule

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Excretion of potassium is governed primarily by potassium reabsorption in proximal convoluted tubule. The correct answer is option a). Potassium reabsorption in proximal covoluted tubule. Useful Filterates are reabsorbed in PCT such as amini acids, minerals, etc.


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Correct answer : A
Solution : about 65% of glomerular filtrate is normally reabsorped in PCT before reaching the loop of Henle . Glucose , amino acids , vitamins , hormones , sodium , potassium etc. from filtrate are absorbed.
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