Exercise 14. Change these sentences from active to passive voice:
1. We must cross the road only at the zebra crossing.

2.Don't blame others for your failures.

3.Such difficulties do not discourage me.

4.They will make fun of you for asking such a simple question.

5.The Principal had already invited the teachers to give their views.

6.They can develop this place as an attractive tourist spot.

7.Treat the guests courteously and respectfully.

8.Let him collect the necessary information.

9.The management ought to accept some demands of the workers.

10.The municipal authorities are giving a facelift to the main fort building

11. Did that sudden noise frighten you?

12. Can you deliver this book to me at my residence?

13.Who will anchor the new reality show on the Zee channel?

14.What were the men loading in the truck?

15. How did Mr Mahajan manage such a big business?

Dear Student, 

1. The road must be crossed by us only at the zebra crossing.
2. Let others not be blamed for your failures.
3. I am not discouraged by such difficulties.
4. You will be made fun of by them for asking such a simple question. 
5. The teachers had already been invited by the Principal to give their views.
6. This place can be developed by them as an attractive tourist spot.
7. Let the guests be treated courteously and respectfully.
8. Collect the necessary information.
9. Some demands of the workers ought to be accepted by the management.
10. A facelift to the main fort building is being given by the municipal authorities.
11. Were you frightened by the noise?
12. Can this book be delivered to me by you at my residence?
13. By whom will the new reality show on the Zee channel be anchored?
14. What were being loaded in the truck by the men?
15. How was such a big business managed by Mr. Mahajan?


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1. Very efficient and sincere teachers were taking our classes.
2.Let the responsibility be given to each child.
3. His colleagues have hardly ever trusted him.
4. Her tragic story deeply move everybody present there.
5. One must not take his words too seriously.
6. Let the students handle various jobs themselves.
7. They asked her to finish the work before leaving the office.
8. Nobody expects you to do this alone.
9. Let me carry my bags to my room.
10. These jams have been prepared using high quality apples.
11. Will the hotel accommodation be provided to us during the transit?
12. Can the MCD not solve the residents' problem?
13. Was a professional agency managing the whole show?
14. Why is everyone treating me so unfairly?
15. What steps did they take to keep the documents safe?
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