expand JGA ? in which type of organism it is present? name its cells and mechanism involved in functioning of the kidney

juxtaglomerular appartus is a structure in the?kidney?that regulates the function of each?nephron, the functional units of the kidney. The juxtaglomerular apparatus is named because it is next to (juxta) glomerulus.
consists of three types of cells:

the?macula densa, a part of ending of ascending limb of loop of Helen which merge into distal convulated tubules?of the same nephron.

Juxtaglomerular cells(also known as granular cells) which secrete?renin.

Extraglomerular mesangial cells.

Functions of JGA:

Local transmission of Tubuloglomerular Feedback (TGF) at its own nephron via angiotensin II (AT II)

Systemic production of Angiotensin II (AT II) as part of Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS)
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