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We are given that the ion is [Fe(CN)6]4-. This is a complex ion in which the central metal atom is iron (Fe) and is surrounded by six CN ligands. The cyanide ion is a negatively charged ligand which has a charge of -1. The overall charge on the complex ion is -4. Let us assume that the charge on Fe is z. Therefore we have

 z + 6 (-1) = -4 

 z - 6 = -4

 Thus z = 2 
So the charge on Fe is +2. 

But In the given equation 
Fe(CN)44-  Fe3+ + CO3- + NO3-In case of reactant Oxidation state of the following is provided belowFe =+2C =+2N =-3In case of products oxidation state of the following is provided belowFe =+3C = +3O =-1This  implies that one of the redox pair is absent. Therefore we cannot identify the complete oxidative change in the given equation.

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