expert tell by giving examples

1 what is isoprofit method can all q of lpp can be solved by this process how to solve q by this process explain in details

2- is this always ncessary that maxm value always occur at intersection pt of lines only justive in more clearity explain the ans in best possible way

1) Iso profit methods is a very tedious method, yes you can solve all the questions by this method.
Here we have to plot a assumed profit line.
And check the profit line which is just touching the feasible region given by the constraint curve.
Here lets check one example by this method:
The constraint curve is given by:

Here in this curve the number of tables and chair are plotted. The feasible region is shown,:
Here are the steps to plot isoprofit lines

After this method the solution of iso profit lines is given  by:

Hope you have understood this method.

2) In the corner point method, it is assumed that,the maximum or minimum value will lie on corner points only.
So you have to always check the corner points for maximum or minimum value.

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