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The Chinese painters create abstract paintings. Their paintings do not contain real landscapes. They want the viewers to interpret the paintings according to their own perception and senses. Thus, the Chinese paintings do not intend to share the viewpoint of the painter.  They want the viewer to draw their own inference from the paintings. 
In contrast, European painters create paintings with realistic landscapes. They want the viewer to experience the world as witnessed by the painters. So, they reproduce a realistic view for the viewers.

Borrowing mind: A Chinese painting contains landscape that is spiritual. Understanding it requires entering into the mind of the painter. Therefore it is said that one has to borrow the mind of the painter for understanding the Chinese paintings. 

Participate physically and mentally: The power of observation is not sufficient to understand a Chinese painting. So physical participation or only watching the painting is not enough to understand a true Chinese painting. For understanding it, we must enter into the mind of the painter. So interpreting a Chinese painting requires both in-depth physical observation and mental exercise. 

Borrowing eyes: In European paintings, the painter wants us to see the landscape as viewed by him. So, one has to borrow the eyes of the painter to see it exactly how the painter saw it. 

Seeing it from a specific angle: As the painter wants to recreate the landscape exactly as he saw it, so we have to view it from a specific angle. Unless we do so, we cannot view the picture or landscape that the painter wants to show to us. ‚Äč

Regarding keywords, it is not exactly clear what keywords you are referring to. So we request you to please be a little specific about it. 


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