Experts please give me the formulas of gross profit, gross loss,COGS ,operating expenses and what ever other terms are there in financial statement?

Dear Student,

The various formulas are as follows:

a) Gross Profit = Net Revenue from Operations - Cost of Goods sold.
For Gross Loss, the above formula shows the negative figures or 

b) Gross Loss= Cost of Goods sold-Net Revenue from operations

c) Cost of Goods sold (COGS) = Opening Stock (of Material,labour & overhead) + Purchases
(of Material,labour & overhead) + Direct Expenses - Closing Stock (of Material,labour & overhead)

d) Operating Expenses relates to all those business expenses which are necessary to produce & sale of the goods & services. It includes Cost of Goods sold , Selling, General & admin expenses.

e) Operating Profit = Gross Profit- all operating Expenses.

f) Non-Operating Profit = Gross Profit - All expenses (operating+Non-Operating)

Hope this provides you all the information required. Do write us back in case of any further query!!!



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