Explain about expanding scope of rights?

The scope of rights has expanded from the time the Fundamental Rights were enumerated in the Constitution. The range of rights offered by law and guaranteed by the Constitution are much more than simply the fundamental rights. Expansion of the scope of rights includes expansion in the legal rights that a citizen is entitled to enjoy. Courts have given judgments that have expanded the scope of rights in this regard. Freedom of press, right to information as well as education have been derived from the fundamental rights as well. Many other rights which are not fundamental in nature have the status of a constitutional right. These include right to property as well as right to vote.

Another sphere of expansion of rights has taken place in human rights. These have been defined by universal moral claims. Their scope has increased correspondingly to expansion of democracy.

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1. The Scope of Human Rights

In their contemporary manifestation, human rights are a set of individual and collective rights that have been formally promoted and protected through international and domestic law since the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Arguments, theories, protections, and violations of such rights, however, have been in existence for much longer (see e.g. Claude 1976; Foweraker and Landman 1997: 1-45; Freeman 2002b: 14-54; Ishay 2004; Sorell and Landman 2005), but since the Universal Declaration, the evolution of their express legal protection has grown rapidly. Today, the numerous international treaties on human rights promulgated since the Universal Declaration to which an increasingly large number of nation states are a party define the core content of human rights that ought to be protected across categories of civil, political, economic, social, and solidarity rights.

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