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Weimar Republic

  • Germany was a powerful nation during the early 20th century.
  • It fought the First World War with Austria against Allies.
  • The Allies were France, England and Russia.
  • Due to extension of war for a period of 4 years from 1914 – 1918, both monetary and physical resources of Europe were drained down.
  • The Allies were strengthened by America which made them emerge victorious.
  • Germany was defeated badly.
  • Taking the instability of Emperor’s rule, parties in Germany met at Weimar.
  • Thus, democratic government on the basis of federalism was formed.
  • Representatives were elected to Reichstag on the basis of equal and universal voting system by which all adults, including men and women have the chance to cast their votes.
  • This was the main reason for the Birth of Weimar Republic.
  • But, this republic lost its reputation when it was forced to accept the defeat at the end of First World War.
  • The Weimar Republic accepted the Treaty of Versailles by which Germany lost its territories, has to spend a huge compensation towards war reparation in gold too.
  • Many resource nations like Rhine land were taken away by its Allies.
  • Therefore, the Treaty of Versailles was the reason behind the fall of Weimar Republic in Germany.


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Wemair Republic is in germany
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The Weimar Constitution attempted to create a federal republic that tried to combine aspects of presidential and parliamentary systems with a commitment to social justice.
Articles 20-22 describe the nature of the Reichstag and the new voting system and those eligible to vote.
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