Explain"for many animals too light is important in that they use the diurnal and seasonal variations in light intensity and duration as cues for timing therefore aging reproductive and migratory activities"

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The light is important not only for plants but also for animals. Some animals use changes in day time (called diurnal) and seasonal variations for obtaining food, moving from one place to other place (migration) and reproductive activities like attracting their mates.

The diurnal animals like humans, deer, songbirds, squirrels, lizards etc are active during the day i.e in presence of light for obtaining food etc.

Some animals depend on seasonal variation and light intensity for their activities like some migratory birds migrate from colder region to hotter regions during winter season and vice versa. Some animals sleep during winters and some during hot summers.

Some animals also reproduce or breed during particular seasons only or time of the year. For example, Alpine goat usually breeds between the months of August and December.

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