explain how even planned his escape. (6marks )

Dear Student,

Evans  had tried to escape from the prison thrice. People even gave him the name ‘Evans the Break” for that reason. Evan was a crafty prisoner who was determined to get out at all cost. The prison appointed a German teacher for Evans to give his O-level exams. He taught Evans for ten months. The Governor made the arrangements for his exam. But, Evans had made a master plan for his escape. After the completion of the exam, he impersonated the invigilator, Mc Leery. When the Governor came to check whether Evans was in his place or not, he found a bleeding Mc Leery who was bound in the chair. He was taken to hospital. Later on, the Governor got the news that no Mc Leery was admitted in the hospital, and that it was Evans who had deceived the Governor and escaped from his imprisonment. Soon after, that the Governor found some clue from the correction slip given to Evans during the examination which was about Evans’s hiding place. He caught Evans in the hotel, but there the Governor did his last mistake. He neither took enough force to nab him at the hotel nor did he take the trouble of going with him in the prison van. Left all alone, Evans managed to make his final escape. Thus, Evans was finally successful in his plan.


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